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Netbase-MeetupNetBase hosts Customer Meetup’s around the U.S. to have an opportunity to connect in person with the people who are using their tool. Earlier this year, NetBase asked our Director of Insights & Strategy, Becca James, to be a panelist at their meet up in Los Angeles to help the other customers understand the innovative ways our team uses the platform.

Becca has been a pioneer in developing and managing two different new departments in her three years at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI). Early on in Becca’s career she initiated the need for a content marketing department at IMI and started using NetBase shortly after. She wanted to gain a better understanding of the customers she was looking to delight, entertain and educate through her content marketing strategies. In the past year Becca founded the Insights and Strategy department, churning out audience insights and data that would span across all departments, helping our team articulate our clients’ target audience’s buyer journey.

I’ve included a part of the Q & A portion of the meetup with answers from Becca.

Explain how you use NetBase?

Becca: NetBase inspired me to found an entire department around consumer insights, which was the catalyst to a reorganization of the agency centered on the customer decision journey. The insights team along with our analytics team sits in the middle of our ecosystem, therefore, supporting the dissemination of this knowledge to our full service agency.

The tool can be applied in many different ways. We currently offer multiple reports with the insight personalized to the client, their industry and phase of the partnership.

The Discovery Phase:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Audience Segmentation Analysis
  • Purchase Funnel Analysis

Ongoing – Monthly & Quarterly Insights:

  • Monthly reporting (campaign performance/measurement)
  • Quarterly Business Reporting (change over quarter/ year over year)

Business Development:

NetBase has allowed us to equip our sales team with the reports and information that allows them to tell the story of the customer decision journey. We are able to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of the target audience and explain how each service works together to reach the goal of creating an omni-channel brand experience.

Can you give an example of the most unexpected or interesting thing you learned from analyzing social data that led to a successful campaign or new business pitch?

Becca: The most interesting takeaway was from a campaign that taught me how audience insights can impact the bottom line. Within 6 months of launching a 9-question quiz with the goal of helping customers choose a pair of glasses, we generated $1 million in revenue with over 3,000% ROI. See the Million Dollar Case Study here.

Have you used other social listening platforms? – If yes, which ones? And can you speak to any unique value you get from using NetBase?

Becca: I do not currently use any other social listening tools. NetBase provides unique value to IMI by complementing our other tools that offer more qualitative trend and forecasting data. With NetBase, we have the ability to get into the minds and hearts of the target audience – to broaden our sources and find out not just what people are saying but how they are feeling, and that is a powerful marketing tool.

What is the one lesson you’d like to convey?

Our main priority is to help brands be what matters to their customers. It is our job as marketers to authentically bridge the gap between what the brand can offer and what the consumer needs. We use social listening and analytics to inform the development of that bridge. This year, success will belong to marketers who prioritize that relationship and understand their audiences on every level, therefore, focusing their efforts on data-driven personalization.

When a client or executive doesn’t recognize the value of social how do you combat that obstacle? 

Becca: It is clear that there is a great divide about whether there is value in social listening, but also confusion about what social listening is and how to best apply the insights. Social listening is the act of pulling data about the customer, rather than the constant push of marketing. For any great relationship to work, you need both. It also enables brands to broaden their sources beyond their owned channels. As far as application goes, social listening data becomes actionable when it answers a specific question. One of the greatest ways to increase value is education on how to ask the right questions.

There are many use cases for social listening, most of which fall into two main categories: improving marketing and selling, and learning from consumer feedback. The most basic application for social listening is to use its findings for improving social marketing, campaign messaging and sales including optimizing social advertising, real-time marketing, enable sales through social selling and increase influencer and advocate targeting through personalization.

It is just as powerful to learn from consumer feedback through social listening. This includes utilizing a social listening tool to improve customer service, crisis and reputation management, focus groups, benchmarking competitors and industry trends as well as help guide rebranding.

An agency must have a firm grasp on how to ask the right questions, find the right conversations and then interpret the data to inform sound strategy that aligns with pre-defined goals.

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